Sunday, January 27, 2013

January 26,2013

So I know its been a while but with the holidays in full swing the last few months I haven't been able to spend anytime in my garage.  My buddy came into town to help me tear down the truck so I can start working on my parts in my basement away from the "overly curious & concerned" neighbors.    So lets begin some much needed therapy for myself.

We tore down all of the Fenders at the 4 corners and the front end so now I can get these sandblasted, weld patch pieces and get them back to new again. 

The fenders themselves were in pretty good shape some rough spots but nothing a little time and attention won't fix. The front grill was done so that went straight into the trash. I do have to say with 63 years of life lots of the bolts and screws just broke off.

 This is the picture of the Front end tore down I do got to say the engine looks in great shape, as for the wiring I will be re doing all of it as it was for the most part dry rotted and stiff, so we will get that back to 2013 standards.
All in all this was a great and fun Saturday,  I got to hang out with one of my buddies and got to spend sometime with my truck.  Since I have some of these parts ready to go in my basement the next few post should be some shots of inner and outer fender repairs.  We should also see a few post of cab repair and floor pan repair.

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