Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Got to do some more work on the Fenders today

So today I had a few hours to kill so I spent them working on the passenger side inner and outer fenders.  I stripped them down to the bare metal and grinded the rust completely off. Then I sprayed them with fast etch to keep the rust from spreading.  Then i sanded them down and primed them.  lots of work still left to do on them since as I was grinding I uncovered the mounds and mounds of Bondo that uncovered significant damage around the headlight area. I didnt do anything with the headlight buckets since I will be scratching them and putting new ones in.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Fender Work 8/14/2013

So today I had some time to work on the fenders of my truck. At some point some one added turn signal markers to the front of the fenders. So today I spent a couple of hours welding in some plates and covering the screw holes here are a few pictures.

Here is a shot of the fender with the turn signal that was added

Here is a finished shot with a little primer to prevent further rusting.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Some Rust Repair on Fender

So today I had about an hour to kill. So I went down into the basement and got to working on one of the Fenders of my truck.  I had already picked up some pieces of 16 gauge steel so all I had to do was prep, cut and weld the piece in. So here's what I got done.  Working on my welding skills I think I need to play with the speed and temp on the machine but anyways here it goes.....

Here is the Fender with the piece of rust cut out of it.

Here is the Piece of steel

This is the piece the will fill the whole prepped and ready to weld in.

Here it is after I've welded it in.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

January 26,2013

So I know its been a while but with the holidays in full swing the last few months I haven't been able to spend anytime in my garage.  My buddy came into town to help me tear down the truck so I can start working on my parts in my basement away from the "overly curious & concerned" neighbors.    So lets begin some much needed therapy for myself.

We tore down all of the Fenders at the 4 corners and the front end so now I can get these sandblasted, weld patch pieces and get them back to new again. 

The fenders themselves were in pretty good shape some rough spots but nothing a little time and attention won't fix. The front grill was done so that went straight into the trash. I do have to say with 63 years of life lots of the bolts and screws just broke off.

 This is the picture of the Front end tore down I do got to say the engine looks in great shape, as for the wiring I will be re doing all of it as it was for the most part dry rotted and stiff, so we will get that back to 2013 standards.
All in all this was a great and fun Saturday,  I got to hang out with one of my buddies and got to spend sometime with my truck.  Since I have some of these parts ready to go in my basement the next few post should be some shots of inner and outer fender repairs.  We should also see a few post of cab repair and floor pan repair.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Day 2 of work

Today I had a couple of hours to kill so I spent them in the Garage working on my Trucks.   First I put the bumper back on my Silverado that the 3100 had ripped off.  Next it was time to do some work.  I cleaned out the interior of the truck. I then figured out that I don't need the entire floor for the truck but a few panels to make it brand new. This is great cause the entire floor pan assembly is going for around $600.

As you can see I need to replace a piece of sheet metal from under the seat pan, which I figured a few buck and I can get some sheet metal and replace this piece.  I will obviously cut and repair any rust that is eating away at the still strong metal, but this will still be a cheaper option.  I figured, after putting together a parts list, I can make the floor of this truck brand new for about $300.00 buck. Now to save some pennies.

Dash is i great shape a little elbow grease and paint and this will be a cheap project also.  I spent the rest of the hour that I had putting together a parts list for the body.  Looks like from the cab forward, minus the Grill and bumpers it will cost me around $700.00 for body panels that will replace rusted out ones.  

More to come soon.....

Monday, October 29, 2012

1st day of Project

Well we have now had the truck home for 2 days and I now have sometime to work on the truck since the kid is at school and the wife is busy with homework.  Since we are on a budget and the parts list for the truck continues to grow, I figured we can get some of the body down to bare metal and to primer so that we can begin to see how much rust is in need of repair and lets face it elbow grease and sand paper is cheap.  So after day 1 I managed to get the 3100 front fenders and hood to bare metal and a coat of primer to prevent rust.  More to come......

D=Day 10/27/12

So the day has arrived.
On Saturday we pack the truck and set off on the 3 hr drive to pick up our truck. Did I mention we forgot the GPS at home and were now in the backwoods of Southern Georgia. Now we were about 30 minutes off course and getting close to not making it to the bank. We cut it close to the Bank to get the cash, who would of thought for an entire hour we could not find a Bank Of America.  We finally find one and meet Clifford, the former owner of my now 1950 Chevy 3100.  He was having a hard time parting but I have set up this blog to keep Clifford informed of the process of the Truck so he can see that we are taking care of the truck very well.

I came prepared with a winch on the back of the hauler and now we went off to U HAUL to rent a car transport.  Here we met Jimmy which was a sketchy character that went on and on about the one time that their location was sued cause of a car transport that came off the hitch or something.  I want to thank Jimmy for adding more stress to the long trip.
Jimmy is on Left....

So we have no problems getting the truck on the trailer and head home bound.  One Problem with Home, other than the 10 cars parked outside and around my driveway, I came to realize that I had no help to get the truck down from the trailer since my driveway has a wicked incline.  Finally got the truck down with the use of the winch and brute force and possible risk of death at some points.  I then pushed the 3100 into the garage with my Silverado and that was another adventure as the trucks decided they would become one. Finally in the garage now I need a Break. Who's Idea was this......

Could not pull them apart!!!! Yikes!!! but its in the GARAGE....
Temporarily lost the Bumper to the Silverado, Battle Silverado vs. 3100....3100 wins!!!!