Friday, November 2, 2012

Day 2 of work

Today I had a couple of hours to kill so I spent them in the Garage working on my Trucks.   First I put the bumper back on my Silverado that the 3100 had ripped off.  Next it was time to do some work.  I cleaned out the interior of the truck. I then figured out that I don't need the entire floor for the truck but a few panels to make it brand new. This is great cause the entire floor pan assembly is going for around $600.

As you can see I need to replace a piece of sheet metal from under the seat pan, which I figured a few buck and I can get some sheet metal and replace this piece.  I will obviously cut and repair any rust that is eating away at the still strong metal, but this will still be a cheaper option.  I figured, after putting together a parts list, I can make the floor of this truck brand new for about $300.00 buck. Now to save some pennies.

Dash is i great shape a little elbow grease and paint and this will be a cheap project also.  I spent the rest of the hour that I had putting together a parts list for the body.  Looks like from the cab forward, minus the Grill and bumpers it will cost me around $700.00 for body panels that will replace rusted out ones.  

More to come soon.....

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