Monday, October 29, 2012

The Project Begins

A few weeks ago while watching one of the popular car restoration shows on TV I started to look through craigslist and came across what I thought was a phenomenal deal. 
I saw a 1950 Chevy 3100 for sale at the price of $1750.  In excitement for what could one day be, showed my wife and told her what a great deal this was for whoever would be the lucky buyer, as even if it was far gone it would still be a great deal.  

A few days pass and my wife started asking me questions about the truck. My wife had contacted the seller and offered him $1500 for the 50's rust bucket.  I told myself this guys was going to get many offers and wasn't getting my hopes up for this awesome opportunity to again, not only build a car, but build the car I always wanted.  Wouldn't you know it the seller said he got several offers higher than ours but that he thought we should  be the ones that have the truck cause he felt that we would do right by this little gem.  

I do have a pretty amazing wife to allow me to put a while lot of my free time into the garage.

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